La Patisserie Valentines Menu (4-Course)

    • SOUPS

    • Creamy tomato soup

      UGX 35,000
    • Roasted butternut squash

      UGX 32,000
    • SALADS

    • Afro-Belgian Chicken Meatball Salad

      UGX 32,000

      saucy chicken meatballs,fresh tomatoes,lettuce and onion rings,parmesan cheese on
      Tortilla Blanket

    • Romain Avocado And Chicken Salad

      UGX 35,000

      lettuce,avocado,tomatoes,corriander,onion,cucumbers and Honey-mustard dill

    • DINNER

    • UGX 45,000

      BBQ Chicken legs,accompanied by either a choice of Belgian fries or potato wedges
      or baked potatoes

    • UGX 69,000

      Half oven baked chicken,accompanied by either a choice of Belgian fries or potato
      wedges or baked potatoes. [Max 2 people]

    • UGX 55,500

      Oven baked pork roast with a side salad and served with a choice of Belgian fries or
      Baked potatoes or mashed potatoes

    • UGX 74,500

      Mixed grill platter. chicken,pork,beef,goat with a side salad and grilled veggies. [Max
      2 people]

    • UGX 85,000

      Cha-Roasted Whole wild caught Tilapia stuffed with wild rice and seasonal mixed
      vegetables in foil and accompanied by potato wedges. [Max 2 people]

    • UGX 39,500

      Slow cooked Swedish meatballs,parmesan cheese,herbs and on a bed of Tagliatelle


    • Coupe Copacabana

      UGX 34,900

      scoops of vanilla,Mocca and Chocolates ice cream with warm Belgian style chocolate
      sauce and whipped cream

    • UGX 32,000

      Vanilla ice cream cake

    • Coupe La Patisserie

      UGX 34500

      scoops of vanilla,chocolate,strawberry and mixed fruits,caramel sauce and whipped